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Numerical control sectioning with automatic labeling. Slicing wood is an operation that takes place through a special machine called a panel saw, which allows you to cut the wood with millimeter precision, in regular sections, tailored to your needs.

Our continuous commitment to research and development is supported by important and constant technological investments.

The entire production cycle is, in fact, controlled by a CAD-CAM production software that allows the management of each production unit directly from the technical office.

Each piece is labeled and identified through a barcode to manage the subsequent processing stages.

We supply wood and its derivatives: Solid, Melamine, Laminated, Multilayer, Osb, Mdf (raw, fireproof, waterproof, Carb2 Certification), Particleboard (raw, fireproof, waterproof), Laminate, veneered, Blockboard.

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One of the processes that can not miss in our offer is the edging of the wood. At specialized carpenters, the wood edging is done with a high precision edging machine, which uses the latest generation technologies.

This appliance is used in the wood and derivatives sector, in order to apply a plastic or wooden edge to panels with meticulous precision. The edge used can be of different types and with variable thickness according to needs and use. The edges that are most used are in ABS and PVC, in laminate, in wood, and in solid MDF.

Numerical control drilling, pantographing and cutting

Pantographing is a modern technique of wood engraving, which allows you to perform any kind of cutting, drilling and engraving. The pantographing allows the customer to personalize their home, making each room unique and special. The pantographed panels can be used and applied on any type of furniture, from the bedroom closet, to the bathroom cabinet to the kitchen door coverings. The decorations made with the pantograph are also made on internal or external doors, or on panels to be applied to armored doors.