The care and the quality of our materials is the same care we give to the customer service.

“Centro Legno Karbaum” is a company which is tailor-made for the carpenter. Located in the heart of Brianza, we aim to provide you with a customized service. From parquet floors, to roofs and canopies, to railings and customized furniture, we deal with all and every kind of wood, and one of our main strengths lies also in providing quotes immediately. Through a integrated design and manufacturing system, in fact, we are able to give clients and answer quickly, thus providing a fast and efficient service. Always looking to improve our skills and capabilities regarding service, we believe in investing in both technology and staff professionalism to better meet our customers’ needs.

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Our fantastic Team

  • Oliver Mengon
    Oliver MengonCEO
  • Tania Biffi
    Tania BiffiUfficio Commerciale
  • Davide De Dominicis
    Davide De DominicisUfficio Tecnico
  • Paolo Cavobianchi
    Paolo CavobianchiUfficio Tecnico
  • Martina Lazzarini
    Martina LazzariniUfficio tecnico

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